Why It’s Important to Check Your Engine Diagnostics with a Professional Mechanic

If your check engine light comes on, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. When the light comes on, the car is informing you that something is wrong, but it does not specify what that something is. A diagnostic test will be the first thing a car repair business will propose. What is a diagnostics test? The check engine light will illuminate if there is a problem with a [...]

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Home Fixes for Your Car’s Exterior

There’s nothing more disheartening than coming back to your car that’s parked in the grocery store parking lot and seeing that something﹘a shopping cart, another car, or even some passing vandal﹘has dented or scratched the paint. And yet this is a scenario that will affect virtually every motorist at some point during their life. When these things happen, the prospect of having to take the car to the mechanic, even one as highly regarded [...]

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The History of the Automobile

We’re often quick to credit Ford Motors with introducing the automobile to the world, but the history of the automobile actually dates back to the 15th century. Learn more from the South Ogden car repair team at Master Muffler. Leonardo DaVinci is known for his work as an inventor, and the Library of Congress shares documentation that he had many designs for different types of vehicles. While there isn’t a definitive answer for who [...]

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Best Car Shows in Utah

In our humble opinion, there is nothing more inherently American than the freedom to go wherever you want. This is the freedom that is allotted to us by the open road and a good car, which is always at the heart of American mythology. Today, one of the ways that our communities celebrate this perennial ideal is through the traditional pastime of car shows. The people of Utah, in particular, have a prolific amount [...]

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The Best Cars for Families in 2016

When your family hits the road in 2016, you want to make sure that you supply yourself and them with the best car that was designed for safety, comfort, performance, and a great price. 2016 has already seen a great selection of cars that are pushing forward the way we think of driving and automotive technology, but there are some selections that stand, for families, head and shoulders above the competition. Buckle your seatbelts! [...]

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Alternative-Brand Super Cars: Pagani Huayra

There are more high-end cars than just Ferrari and Lamborghini. ‘Alternative-Brand Super Cars’ is a new series devoted to exploring the masterful machines created around the world by some of the more obscure, yet highly talented, automakers in existence. During its entire existence, Italy-based car maker Pagani has only made 131 cars. Not types or brands of cars, but functioning vehicles! The newest bunch of this small number is represented by the Pagani Huayra, [...]

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Volkswagen Scandal Explained

The auto world has recently been shaken by the Volkswagen scandal. This all started when it came to light that the company had admitted that many of their diesel vehicles had software that helped them cheat on emissions tests. Eventually, this all came to light and the company is being levied with penalties from different countries around the world. Here is a quick explanation to catch you up on this auto controversy… […]

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The Fastest Drive: Part 2

This is the second part of a story called “The Fastest Drive”, which chronicles the journey of Ed Bolian as he sets the new record for the fastest time driven across the United States. Small team Usually, there is a lot of money and people who go into these runs. Ed, however, didn’t have an abundance of resources, and would be forced to rely on friends and his demeanor to convince people to help [...]

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4 Weekend Road Trip Destinations from Salt Lake City

With spring almost here, you’re probably itching to pack your weekend duffle and head out with family or friends for a weekend adventure. In case you need some inspiration on where to go first, here are four road trip destinations within a five-hour drive of Salt Lake City that will offer you a weekend full of adventurous fun. […]

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Top Cars of 2014, European?

Now that 2015 is here, it’s time to look back at the top cars of 2014 and see what we can all learn. Different consumers have different reasons for purchasing vehicles, so no list should be taken as an authoritative opinion. All lists should be viewed instead as guides and taken with a grain of salt, especially if they don’t reveal very much about their criteria for selection. Today, we’ve decided to take a [...]

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