Do You Remember these Important Traffic Laws?

The inevitability of failure is something that we each will have to accept in life. When studying for a standardized test, it is important to brush up on every principle that will be covered but to mentally prepare for the possibility that you won’t get a perfect score. While possible, it is simply unlikely.  Other tests actively try to get you to miss questions in order to adjust in real-time and provide you with [...]

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Best Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s a great way to get a good deal on a vehicle and avoid having car payments for years to come. But, how can you tell if a used car is in good mechanical condition? The auto care experts at South Ogden Tunex know how important it is to have a reliable vehicle. Whether it’s you driving, or perhaps your teenager, you want something you [...]

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Some Essentials to Keep in Your Car

If your gets stuck in a snowbank, overheats in the middle of nowhere, or won’t start on your way home from a job interview… are you prepared? Car emergency kits are something that, hopefully, you’ll never need. However, it’s not exactly a rare occurrence to have car trouble, either. Additionally, your car is a great resource for emergency preparedness resources. After all, in the case of an emergency, where’s the first place you’ll go [...]

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What Is Turbo?

“Turbo” is one of those car buzzwords that many car owners have a vague idea about but don’t quite know what it means exactly. So what is turbo, what does it mean for your car’s engine, and what maintenance does having turbo involve? Here is an in-depth look. […]

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GaragePointer: Airbnb for Cars?

Many of us are familiar with now ever-popular apps like Airbnb and Uber, which make easy work of living both frugally and communally. Now, however, there is an up-and-coming app called GaragePointer, which might just be the next major app for serious car owners. […]

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Florida City Subsidizes Uber

Currently, we are seeing a worldwide shift in how people are using transportation. Due to technological advancements like self-driving cars and rideshare apps, such as Uber and Lyft, the industries that surround transportation are facing major changes. So far, local and federal governments have primarily stayed out of these shifts. However, eventually, the infrastructure of how we run our society is going to have to take these changes into account. We’ve recently seen this [...]

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The Safety Inspections Debate in Utah

Human beings have a tendency to put off important things until the last possible moment. This is especially true when it comes to our vehicles. Many Americans simply don’t get repairs done on their cars until they are on the verge of breaking down. This is why safety inspections are so important. Currently, Utah requires passenger vehicles to pass a safety test in order to stay registered on the road. However, there are some [...]

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Auto Services Do Not Void Warranties

Whenever we purchase a new vehicle, or even a used one from a deal, we often hear a laundry list of violations that will cause the warranty to be void. However, there is one particular item on these lists that is actually unenforceable, and that is that auto services, or aftermarket part installations, will cause a void warranty. No matter what any manufacturer or dealer tells you, auto work done on a vehicle from [...]

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Offbrand Supercars: Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

There are more high-end cars than just Ferrari and Lamborghini. ‘Alternative-Brand Super Cars’ is a new series devoted to exploring the masterful machines created around the world by some of the more obscure, yet highly talented, automakers in existence. Amongst the gorgeous, antique buildings and peaceful river roads of Milan, Italy there has always been a fair share of engineering innovation that paints a fun contrast between the breaking edge technology and rustic aesthetic [...]

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Why Engine Lubrication is Important

Keeping a vehicle on the road should always be one of its owner’s top priorities. This is why we strive so hard to keep our cars in the best of health that they can possibly be. One of the most important elements of doing this is keeping the engine strong and functioning properly, especially since replacing or repairing an engine can sometimes be more expensive than just purchasing a whole new car. So how [...]

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