When to Check Your Brakes

The time to check your brakes for excessive wear is before you notice a problem. The car repair experts at Master Muffler South Ogden keep you in the know when it comes to brakes and brake repair. How Often Should I Check My Brakes? We often take for granted that our vehicles will start when we turn the key in the ignition and that they’ll continue to operate perfectly until we’re ready to purchase [...]

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What Parts of a Car Are Most at Risk When You Neglect an Oil Change

Regrettably, delaying necessary car maintenance can have disastrous effects on both you and your vehicle. You certainly aren't the only one who neglects their cars during hectic times in life; many individuals put off recommended oil changes, noisy motors, noisy brake pads, or overheating engines simply because they have too much on their plates. But do you realize the risks you're taking?f The most frequently overlooked auto maintenance for owners is oil changes. It's [...]

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Why It’s Important to Check Your Engine Diagnostics with a Professional Mechanic

If your check engine light comes on, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. When the light comes on, the car is informing you that something is wrong, but it does not specify what that something is. A diagnostic test will be the first thing a car repair business will propose. What is a diagnostics test? The check engine light will illuminate if there is a problem with a [...]

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Home Fixes for Your Car’s Exterior

There’s nothing more disheartening than coming back to your car that’s parked in the grocery store parking lot and seeing that something﹘a shopping cart, another car, or even some passing vandal﹘has dented or scratched the paint. And yet this is a scenario that will affect virtually every motorist at some point during their life. When these things happen, the prospect of having to take the car to the mechanic, even one as highly regarded [...]

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Catalytic Converter Repair

The catalytic converter is an essential component in all fuel-powered cars and trucks. Required since 1975 thanks to concerns about air quality, they reduce the number of harmful toxins released via vehicle emissions. Signs a Catalytic Converter is Failing Ideally, you’ll get quite a few years or 100,000 miles out of your converter before it starts to go bad. With proper maintenance of your engine and exhaust systems, you can preserve the life of [...]

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Getting Your Teen’s Car Road Ready

It’s never too soon to teach your teen some routine car maintenance. And with schedules soon changing for back-to-school, your teen may be spending a little more time driving. So, get your teen’s car back to school ready and check out these car maintenance tips for teens. Be sure to involve your teen in the process of assessing the quality of things like their wiper blades and tires. Show them how to check the [...]

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Why to Check if Your Vehicle Is in Need of Exhaust Repair

Your vehicle's catalytic converter, muffler, and exhaust system are critical components. You should always ensure that they are well-maintained and performing properly. Your life could be in jeopardy! Finally, a good exhaust system will ensure that your car runs smoothly. Its primary function is to divert harmful exhaust fumes from your engine. Bad things can happen if the exhaust isn't working properly. The engine's condition may deteriorate. Even scarier is the possibility of carbon [...]

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4 Reasons Why Your Brakes Sound Noisy

You’ve waited all week for the perfect Sunday morning drive and are ready to hit the road: your tires are rotated, your lights and mirrors are all in order, and you’ve just installed a sound system that would make an engineer jealous. As you’re rolling through a quiet neighborhood towards a four-way stop, you’re suddenly subjected to the breathless moment that every driver fears: another driver blows right through the stop, putting you and [...]

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What Does The Cabin Air Filter Do

You’re probably aware that your vehicle’s engine has an air filter. But are you also aware that your car’s heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system may also have an air filter? The HVAC air filter is commonly called a cabin air filter, and it performs similar functions your engine’s air filter does for your car’s engine to the HVAC system. What Is A Cabin Air Filter? A cabin air filter is a vital [...]

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Springing a Leak: Tips for Fluid Repairs

A Machine Full of Fluid A popular television character once said that all humans are no more than “sacks full of water; if you puncture us, the water leaks out.” While that is an extremely reductive view of the human body, it rings with a certain kind of truth. The same, in many ways, could be said of our vehicles, which are too sturdy to be called “sacks” but are still as dependent on [...]

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